Lottie Cole’s paintings take inspiration from her native Sussex.  Having visited Charleston Farm and Monk’s House numerous times she has formed a deep appreciation of both, which has inspired a sustained series of paintings.


These interiors, currently on sale at Cricket Fine Art in London, show her interest in colour and mood with tone and light shifting over the whole canvas. There is an additional dimension; the way these images connect back to the space left behind by the Bloomsbury Group writers - Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, Virginia Woolf and others.


After embarking on a Foundation Course at Wimbledon Art School and receiving an MA degree in Art History from St Andrews University, Lottie has worked as a painter and illustrator and for a number of galleries and arts organizations.


She has had shows with the Moncrieff Bray Gallery, Cricket Fine Art, Chelsea and Potterton Books on Lower Sloane Street.

Lottie is currently based in West Sussex, painting in her studio in her house at Birch Grove. She welcomes enquiries about her work and is happy to undertake commissions. She is also very happy to welcome visitors to her studio.